Pain Treated

We treat mainly spine pain including low back and neck pain. We can also help if chronic headaches are coming up from the neck due to previous neck injury (whiplash) or severe arthritis. In most cases we need a recent MRI or CT scan before we can schedule the patient.

We also have patients who suffer from RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy), now called CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome) and peripheral neuropathy (often secondary to diabetes).

The most common treated pain complaint is spine pain, be it in the low back or in the neck. This is usually caused by disc degeneration or facet joint degeneration. Sometimes low back pain can be caused by the sacro-iliac joint arthritis. Less common causes are vertebral compression fractures, infections and tumors (primary or metastatic). Low back pain can radiate into one or both legs especially when a disc is herniated and irritates the nerve root that goes down to the legs and feet. Sometimes it is possible to have only shooting pain into the lower leg without any significant low back pain. This also applies for the neck as it is possible to have pain shoot down the arms and hands without having significant neck pain.

We see a lot of patients who either have almost exclusively headaches or neck pain and headaches. We can help those patients if the headaches come up from the neck and are caused by previous neck injury (whiplash) or degenerative arthritis.

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